Grow Thicker Hair With Natural Scalp Care Shampoo: Luna Nectar and the Power of Adaptogens To Boost Hair Density


The majority of women experience thinning hair at some point in their lives. Luna Nectar’s scalp care shampoo infuses potent adaptogens that work harmoniously to reverse hair loss and fortify hair density. Their innovative formulas nurture the scalp and promote thicker, fuller hair growth. Discover the path to enhanced hair density and revitalized confidence with Luna Nectar.

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Hair loss: more than just a ‘guy thing’

For many people, the term “hair loss” conjures images of men with widow’s peaks, horseshoe hair, or the dreaded combover. Whatever the hair loss type, society largely perceives the problem as a “guy thing.” Millions of women know better, though. Many know the struggles of female hair loss firsthand. Others know it through a friend or family member. Bewilderingly, this topic often remains shrouded in silence. Treatments for male pattern baldness are everywhere. For women, unfortunately, the options are more limited. Fortunately, this landscape is gradually improving, and women have options now that don’t inevitably involve surgical procedures or harsh, side-effect-laden hormones. Enter Luna Nectar—one such empowering option.

Girl suffering from Hair Fall

Formulating a high-quality scalp care shampoo

Ironically, many women’s haircare products may cause or contribute to thinning hair. Luna Nectar CEO and founder Mia Fiona Kut first experienced this problem as a child while using drugstore haircare products. She remembers feeling embarrassed among her schoolmates but having no viable options for doing anything about it. Back then, Rogaine® was the predominant hair restoration product, and it was marketed exclusively to men.

Later, in college, Kut learned important lessons from watching her sister use a hormone-based lash-and-brow growth serum. The products worked, Kut recalls, but had big drawbacks, including chemical burns, eyelid eczema, and complete eyelash loss. By then, Kut was old enough to do something about the lack of quality haircare products for women.

She spent about a year and a half experimenting, ultimately formulating a lash-and-brow growth serum that she later realized, with a few adjustments, could double as a potent haircare solution.

All-natural ingredients

Luna Nectar’s Obsidian Volumizing & Anti-Pollution Scalp Scrub is the company’s flagship haircare product. It’s a scalp care shampoo infused with a carefully selected blend of 15 potent ingredients. This ingredient list includes a number of adaptogens—natural substances studied for their potential to help the body adapt to stress and regulate biological processes. These adaptogens have been painstakingly selected for their synergistic qualities.

What goes into every bottle of Obsidian Scalp Care Shampoo

  1. Activated Charcoal – Research supports the use of activated charcoal as an absorbent for certain substances. Its sponge-like capacity is believed to help draw out toxins, impurities, excess oil, and built-up products and pollutants from the hair and scalp. Its use as a natural deodorizer is also backed by scientific evidence.
  1. Hydrolyzed Rice Protein – This natural, lightweight protein is rich in amino acids. These amino acids may help enhance hair’s overall resilience by strengthening it from within, improving elasticity, and decreasing susceptibility to breakage. Hydrolyzed rice protein also naturally retains moisture, potentially leaving hair softer, smoother, and more manageable. It’s also believed to help protect and repair damaged hair, especially when used in conjunction with other ingredients.
  1. Bamboo Extract – When it comes to hair, bamboo’s “secret sauce” is silica content, a trace mineral essential for hair structure and strength. Limited evidence suggests that bamboo’s high silica content may promote hair growth and inhibit thinning. Silica may help improve hair’s elasticity and resilience, too, making it less prone to breakage and damage. Finally, bamboo has natural moisturizing properties and may contribute to added shine and vitality. 
  1. Horsetail Extract – Like bamboo, horsetail is rich in silica. It’s also believed to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, potentially aiding in hair growth. Additionally, it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and soothing attributes that may ease scalp irritation.
  1. Vitamin B5 – Luna Nectar adds vitamin B5 to its scalp care shampoo to help maintain hair’s moisture balance. When topically applied, this vitamin is believed to strengthen hair from within, improving elasticity and reducing susceptibility to breakage. Vitamin B5 adds volume and thickness, too, making hair appear fuller and more voluminous. Plus, it’s a natural conditioner.
  1. Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) – Research suggests that topically applied peppermint oil stimulates blood circulation, which, in turn, may promote hair growth and a healthier scalp. Peppermint also has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it helpful for dandruff control and scalp conditions caused by microbes.

These innovative ingredients are formulated together, aiming for a synergistic effect in a formula designed to detoxify and nourish the hair and scalp. In regard to detoxifying, charcoal is key. It is believed to deliver a deep-down clean that paves the way for the shampoo’s other nourishing elements.

Grow healthy and strong hair with horsetail extract

A well-rounded approach to hair health

Hair health, of course, isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why Luna Nectar offers a range of products to complement their scalp care shampoo. This line of products includes:

  • Atmosphere Hair Density & Scalp Serum
  • Lucid Leave-In Conditioning Hair Milk
  • Mars Sand Volumizing Adaptogenic Dry Shampoo
  • Antarctic Hair Shine Glass Rinse
  • Renaissance Nourishing Pre-Wash Hair Oil

Luna Nectar formulates every product without fillers, and all are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny® certified.

Quality haircare for women, responsibly done

As a brand, Luna Nectar is committed to creating natural, sustainable haircare solutions that are environmentally responsible. The company develops and produces each product with this commitment in mind. Kut takes pride, for example, in adding no water to any of the products. This, she explains, not only decreases Luna Nectar’s water footprint but also increases each product’s ingredient concentration. The company also partners with Veritree to participate in one of their sea-tree-planting initiatives. These projects strive to combat climate change by planting trees in key coastal areas all over the world.  

Kicking the stigma of women’s hair loss

While Kut is understandably proud of her company’s commitment to sustainability, Luna Nectar’s greatest achievement, she emphasizes, lies in the difference it makes in the lives of individual customers.

“The most rewarding aspect of our business,” she explains, “is being able to develop tangible solutions to help women look and feel their best. Especially with hair loss – it’s still a taboo subject – it isn’t much talked about as much, and, up until recently, hair loss research was mostly done on men.”

She continues, “More than 55% of all women encounter hair loss in their lifetimes, and it’s even more prevalent now with factors such as stress, the economy, hormone-related issues, postpartum changes, and the environment. Hair is so important to everyone in feeling their best, but unfortunately, the same chemical-based haircare formulas have been on the market for decades. Many of them cause even more hair loss. Our goal is to kick the stigma out of women’s hair loss and raise clean beauty standards through formalized lab testing in the cosmetics industry.” 

Grow strong hair with luna nectar shampoo

Use Luna Nectar scalp care shampoo with…care

It’s important to note that Luna Nectar scalp care shampoo – along with the company’s other products – is not regulated or approved by the FDA. Like any other non-regulated, over-the-counter product, none of Luna Nectar’s offerings are designed to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Always talk to your doctor about any supplements you’re taking, especially if they are being used in conjunction with medical treatments and prescription medications.

Unlock your hair’s potential

Thinning hair can be difficult and emotional no matter your gender, but for women, it can be more unexpected and layered with societal stigma. Luna Nectar understands the unique challenges women face. Their innovative scalp care shampoo and complementary products strive to deliver natural, holistic haircare that’s not only effective but also sustainable.

Girl with strong and healthy hair

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