Keep Your Curls Perfect with CurlMix, the Best Conditioner for Curly Hair


Want flawless and vibrant curls you can take everywhere? Meet CurlMix, the best conditioner for curly hair. CurlMix’s specially formulated shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and gels nourish and hydrate your curls, leaving them soft, frizz-free, and defined. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to stunning, bouncy curls that are the envy of all.

So many brands offer curly hair products that fall short of their promises. How many of us have shelves stocked with almost full bottles simply because the products don’t work? Let’s face it, many products in your local drugstore or beauty supply store just don’t measure up, forcing you to use several products to achieve your desired result. Not only is this a waste of money, it’s also less than eco-friendly. What if we told you there’s a product that delivers on its promises to make your natural curls vibrant and bouncy while supporting new growth?

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Unprecedented loyalty to the best conditioner for curly hair

Nearly 9 out of 10 women who try CurlMix Wash + Go System become repeat customers.

Why? The Wash + Go System works. Women who have been trying for years to have control of their curls are discovering CurlMix. This exciting new system has transformed hair care for sophisticated Black women whose busy lives don’t allow time for hair care treatments or who don’t have the support they need to go natural. CurlMix answers the most common challenges:

  • How to go natural and style natural curls
  • Create curls with definition
  • Take the ordeal out of shampooing and conditioning
  • Strengthen and grow healthy hair

Every woman can do a CurlMix Wash + Go

CurlMix co-founder and CEO Kim Lewis sums it up: “I created CurlMix to serve curly women and create clean, natural hair products that were so easy and effective, every woman can do a Wash + Go. And we mean everyone, even for women with fragile 4C hair and gray hair.”

“Our principal user is a Black woman, over 40, who wants to wear the same hairstyle to board meetings, day-to-day jobs, kids activities, and girls’ night out. She wants a look.” Our user has the maturity to recognize effectiveness and the satisfaction it creates. CurlMix has helped thousands of busy, on-trend women who want stunning curls that last. This system also features the best conditioner for curly hair.

CurilMix for curly hair

7,000 customer-owners are proof of trust and satisfaction

Demand for the Wash + Go System took off like a rocket soon after Kim and her husband, co-founder Tim, presented a compelling demonstration of CurlMix on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Thanks to the enthusiastic investment crowdfunding that followed, the company is “Funded by 7,000 ‘CurlMixers’ who own equity in our brand. CurlMix serves our customers and their community, defining what it means to be Black-Owned and Operated,” Kim notes. A second Crowdfunding will be held in early October 2023.

CurlMix earned a 93 ranking on the 2021 Inc. 5000. “Our products were featured on Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ list; we were named among Forbes’ ‘30 under 30’ and I was featured on Crain’s Chicago Business’ ‘20 In Their 20s’ list,” Kim says.

Get personalized help with a free CurlMix masterclass

Where to start? Kim Lewis has the answer based on her own experience: “I learned to embrace my natural hair, and that joy and confidence radiated and shined on everything I did; now it’s my turn to teach you.” CurlMix shows how to master curls easily in a 21-day free Masterclass.

Upon joining, you will be partnered with a “Certified curl coach to help you learn and master your curls. They will be your guide on the journey through this Masterclass.” Zoom calls, educational videos, group coaching, community, and emotional support ensure your success.

Even after the initial 21 days, the Masterclass coaches and community provide updated step-by-step video tutorials teaching the newest curl and care techniques. And, there is always advice for applying Wash + Go products properly to save time and hold style longer.

Plus, membership in the 21-day Masterclass includes a 20% discount on your first Wash + Go kit order. Learn more on the Facebook page, and sign up to get started.

Girl with curly hairs

CurlMix Wash + Go is the best conditioner for curly hair

Achieve a sophisticated, refined look appropriate for every occasion, professional and personal, formal or casual. Whether you’re tired of spending hundreds at the salon on high-maintenance styles that are hard to keep up, or you just want to simplify your wash days, this system is the solution. Uncover your hair’s natural beauty so you can shine.

Curl conditions vary, so there are different levels of CurlMix hold:

Light Hold for Curly Hair: Stunning definition with a soft hold and minimal cast.
Medium Hold for Curly Hair: Distinctive definition with a moderate hold and cast.
Heavy Hold for Curly Hair: Bold definition with a heavy hold and strong cast.
Ultra Hold for Curly Hair: For the heaviest hold and strongest cast.

An easy four-step system featuring the best conditioner for curly hair

CurlMix developed its exclusive, nutrient-rich four-step system to create a manageable routine for natural curls. CurlMix’s Wash + Go System’s unique natural plant extracts have been selected for their effectiveness in moisturizing, conditioning, strengthening, and highlighting your curls:

Step 1: Shampoo – Contains Jojoba extract, “One of the best styling products on the planet thanks to its ability to enhance and protect moisture,” notes Harper’s Bazaar. This nourishing shampoo also contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice for long-lasting, tangible moisturization.

Step 2: Conditioner – Contains Grapeseed oil to detangle hair, add shine, and fight frizz, and Slippery Elm Bark extract, a natural detangler and strengthener. This frizz-fighting conditioner also contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice for moisturizing and antioxidant benefits.

Step 3: MoisturizerContains high potency Flaxseed gel and Jojoba oil to lock in extreme moisture for maximum hair growth. This moisturizing formula also contains high potency Hempseed oil to boost hair growth, Castor oil for enhancing hair growth, plus Linseed and Chia seed extracts in Ultra Hold.

Step 4: Flaxseed or Quinoa Gel. Light, Medium, and Heavy Holds contain high potency Flaxseed gel; Ultra Hold contains high-potency Quinoa gel and protein to provide optimal hair and follicle strength.

CurlMix’s Wash + Go systems make these assurances:

  • Unlike synthetic gel from other brands, our shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers contain 100% Real Organic Flaxseed gel.
  • “Yes! It’s the Flaxseed gel on Shark Tank that made CurlMix famous.” Flaxseed gel hydrates, repairs, and strengthens as it refines your curls.
  • Say goodbye to dry, itchy scalp and dandruff. Hair growth starts with a clean scalp; our products won’t strip your hair.
  • Our best conditioner for curly hair cuts detangling time in half with a super slippery formula.
  • Our products soften curly hair for irresistibly touchable curls.
  • Rich moisturizing ingredients give you soft, bouncy, and shiny curls.
  • Enjoy Wash + Go’s decadent Blackberry essential oil fragrance, also available fragrance-free.
  • Natural, non-toxic, and handmade in the USA.

Order CurlMix Wash + Go with confidence

Satisfaction is guaranteed: If you don’t love the results of your purchased Wash + Go four-step system, notify CurlMix for a credit to try a different Wash + Go system.

You can take it with you! Order Travel CurlMix Wash + Go Systems for Curly Hair Master’s Collection. “Moisturize and define your curls, kinks, and coils on the go with our travel size samples.” Even if you don’t travel, this is an easy way to sample Wash + Go.

You can become a ‘Curl Mixer’ by placing your order at CurlMix online – Free shipping for orders over $35.

CurlMix Wash + Go with confidence

CurlMix comes to Ulta Beauty

In September 2023, CurlMix’s Wash + Go will be introduced and available at 460 Ulta Beauty stores. “They’re really rolling out the red carpet for us, with end-cap displays,” Kim Lewis says.

Ulta is among the most respected beauty and personal care retailers and is further distinguished by being named Forbes “Best Employers for Women” (2021); Diversity Inc. “Noteworthy Companies for Diversity” (2021); and Fast Company “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail” (2021).

Ulta Beauty proudly encourages Black-owned and founded brands; CurlMix is joining over 40 Black-owned and managed companies and their hundreds of products currently offered at Ulta Beauty. Contact Ulta Beauty to check the availability of CurlMix Wash + Go products at an Ulta store in your location.

Love your curls

Have you ever seen a woman with beautiful, natural curls and thought: I wish my hair would do that? Or have you ever spent tireless hours prepping your curly hair, only to be dissatisfied with how you look by the end of the day? You can also have highly-coveted, sultry curls and enjoy them all day with the proper care. CurlMix makes it possible to love the natural curls you were born with and gain the confidence to wear them proudly, all day, every day, wherever you are.

Love your curls

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